Intelligent Safety Solutions is now offering an affordable One Time Payment for a companywide Licensing Agreement!

Now your company can own the award winning, and patent protected SafetyNet Technology at an affordable low cost fee to standardize and empower your institutions evacuation safety goals.

Intelligent Safety Solutions will provide the SafetyNet programming and work with your team to customize the SafetyNet solution to your specific needs and concerns. By including your team in the design and installation process, it allows your team the opportunity to learn the system from the ground up and gives them a firsthand observation of the SafetyNet's function and design. It provides your group with “buy in” on the solution because they are part of the solutions installation and understand the systems function inside and out.

While other companies will sell you a system and leave marks on their way out, Intelligent Safety Solutions has a vested interest in your success with the SafetyNet Solution. Intelligent Safety Solutions will be with you year after year to insure that your safety opportunities, through the Continual Improvement Process, are addressed to keep your facilities on the cutting edge of Safety Technology.

Intelligent Safety Solutions also provides a step in the right direction for OSHA VPP program. SafetyNet is steadily becoming the “Standard for Wireless Evacuation Solutions”.

There are many “Copycat” type systems that are infringing on this patented technology. Do not be coursed into a cheap “fix” or buy a system that supports technology theft. Allow me to showcase just how affordable and technologically advanced the SafetyNet Solution will support your organizations Safety concerns.

Thank you and I look forward to earning your business!

Don Bouressa