The main benefit would be the information that provides the employer that each and every employee could be accounted for during an emergency situation. In addition, this information would be useful to rescue teams in search of employees within the complex. By utilizing this system, minimal safety instructions to employees will allow for a more expedient departure from the complex with less confusion. This system would account for the visiting employees from other locations. In addition, visiting sales associates, vendors and customers visiting the company can be given a visitors card that would have basic information i.e. their name, company and company phone number. This would ensure that everyone is out of the building and accounted for at a safe location. Minimal safety instructions would have to be given to the visitor.

Secondary benefits would provide savings to employers that utilize this system to ensure the safety of their employees. By utilizing SafetyNet, they will be providing their employees with the best possible chance of surviving a true emergency evacuation and also reducing the overall costs associated with the event.

SafetyNet is designed to be simple in design and structure but very powerful and accurate in producing the desired information within a given time frame.

SafetyNet includes software and hardware that is very affordable. It is designed and programmed to be user friendly at all times. The system will be continuously updating personnel entering and exiting the complex. Once an evacuation alarm is activated, the SafetyNet System will then generate a total population listing and develop an ongoing listing of SafetyNet Area populations. After a given period, a listing of people not out of the building, either in electronic or in hard copy form, will be generated and given to rescue personnel.

NO training is needed for employees and visitors. (Time and understanding the operation of a given system is very costly).

Minimal training will be provided to security and management personnel in the operation of SafetyNet functions.