SafetyNet™ Will Reduce:

Deaths and Injuries to employees in manufacturing, government facilities, hotels, children hospitals, schools, naval ships, cruise liners, patrons of nursing homes, patients.

Property damage - By implementing SafetyNet, the facility has provided the First Responder with a safety system and program that will enable them to perform their jobs more efficiently and safely. Working with the community and in providing them with accurate electronic real time census data collection, this allows First Responders to initiate rescue operations immediately upon arrival.

First objective is to account for the individuals within the structure. When this can be accomplished accurately and efficiently, the First Responders then can move onto the second objective which is property preservation. This means they can reduce the overall cost to the Facility owners and the Insurance carriers due to less loss.

SafetyNet provides a positive snowball effective right from the start. The process is streamlined and efficient. Less loss and less cost for all involved.

To date, facilities get premium discounts for sprinkler systems, fire extinguishers and other various safety gear. Based on the advantages that SafetyNet can bring to the community, the system and process should warrant a small percentage break from insurance carriers as well.

SafetyNet™ Will Save Lives!

Manufacturers to date are actually sending employees back into the facility to look for arrant employees that may or may not be in the building during an emergency evacuation. As an Insurance Carrier for the manufacturer… do you want the manufacturers sending employees back into a dangerous structure? Why put employees in needless risk! SafetyNet will take the risk away for the employer and the First Responder! Now, the First Responder does not have to go door to door either! SafetyNet provides electronic data to contact the individual directly that is still in the facility or pinpoint the area most likely where the individual is located. As technology improves we will be able to exactly pinpoint the location of the trapped individual or person still in the structure.

SafetyNet……..Because Every Life Counts!