System Integrity Benefit

The SafetyNet System will also be intergradable with existing security and evacuation systems at the facility. Additional options will be available to each employer’s individual needs.

The SafetyNet System also has a distinct advantage over other emergency systems. Most safety systems hardware and software are located within the employee-housed facility rendering the existing safety system accessible and vulnerable to explosions, fire and all other catastrophic events. The SafetyNet Systems hardware and software are on the outer perimeters of the employee-housed facility. This simple logistical position protects the integrity and operation of the system.

Additional benefits inherited by utilizing this SafetyNet System in a manufacturing or corporate facility could be a reduction in insurance premiums for the company. By management proactively incorporating the SafetyNet System that would ensure the accountability of each and every employee and visitor in the facility, company insurance premiums could be reduced due to the increased safety measures incorporate at the facility.

If insurance premiums are reduced, due to the SafetyNet System, the reduction in premium costs could pay for the system in a short period of time and save the company in the long term monetarily, but more importantly, save the company their most valuable resources... their employees.