First Responders:

ISS is working hard to increase the safety of every first responder and announces three additional products to complement SafetyNet™ in this important arena. They are SafetyList, SafetyFR, and SafetySet.

SafetyNet™ can be configured to be installed into each Fire Truck and Police Cruiser. A code system can be developed for each customer using SafetyNet™. Once a call comes in the code for the Company, School, Government Facility, Hotel and Hospital can be keyed into the SafetyNet™ Unit in the First Responder Unit. This will display a split screen to the first responder. One side of the screen will show who has been evacuated and their present location. The other side will list who is still in the facility being evacuated.

SafetyNet™ also can be programmed to provide a bio-sheet on all occupants. Information on the sheet would include cell numbers, desk numbers, work locations. SafetyNet™ can also be programmed with a digital plant layout to provide a roadmap for rescue teams to extract injured from the structure. Additional programming will include Microsoft Word and Excel file formats that hold documents for first aid at each SafetyNet™ station. Furthermore, SafetyNet™ will have both Cell Communications with Camera applications and 2-way Walkie-Talkie Communications. If the evacuation site is extremely large, the cameras option may be an invaluable tool. Due to the fact that first responders are in contact with the facility as soon as they log into the SafetyNet™ system, they can be reached by any SafetyNet™ station. If an evacuee has a serious injury, they can take a photo of the injury and then have the first responder give life saving directions on treatment prior to their arrival. They will also know exactly where they will need to go first to evacuate the individual that needs attention first.

The redundant system backups provide and ensure system integrity throughout the evacuation process.

SafetyNet™ Will Save Lives!

Not only the lives of the Evacuees, but the lives of the First Responders! If you had a system, that gave you information concerning the accurate accounting of occupancy of the facility prior to your arrival, would that make your evacuation and property preservation process more efficient and safe?

If you do not have to search door to door though a large manufacturing facility or a high rise building because you have a census that was accurate and precise, this would then allow you to focus on protecting the property.

This aspect of SafetyNet™ is paramount in the fact that Manufacturers will actually send employee?s back into a burning building to check for employees that may still be in the building. Why put your employee’s in danger? Why put First Responders in additional danger? That is where SafetyNet™ stands out and performs exceptionally over any other type of safety system.

SafetyNet™?Because Every Life Counts!