Government Applications:

SafetyNet can be configured to provide a “Roving or Portable Handheld Device” to ensure a correct census data. In government applications Muster or Safe Areas need to be in varying locations due to the possibility of terrorist attacks on fixed Muster Areas. Shelter– In-Place can also be achieved with a handheld scanning device to ensure all employees and occupants have been accounted during the incident. Reasons for Shelter-In-Place would include fires that are contained by a fire wall which will protect people evacuating to the safe side of the wall. In addition, this application will work for Tornados and other natural disasters. With a Bio-sheet containing all employees’ cell numbers, desk numbers, work locations and even individuals supervisor numbers, SafetyNet can provide life saving information to assist in the location of trapped or injured employees that have not reported to a SafetyNet station. A Plant layout can be imported into the system to depict the safest route for rescu e teams to enter the structure and to extract the injured in the most expeditious end efficient manner possible. Additional programming will include Microsoft Word and Excel file formats that hold documents for first aid at each SafetyNet can also provide both 2-way Walkie-Talkie communications as well as Satellite communications as options. Due to real-time communication links, SafetyNet can provide triage information to the responding emergency teams. This will provide the best method to extract the trauma injured first in order to save lives. The entire design concept of the SafetyNet system and software facilitate the best possible scenario in the preservation of life. Now the facility and the first responders are in sync and working together to achieve a common objective which is to save lives and preserve the property.

SafetyNet Will Save Lives!

Not only the lives of the evacuees, but the lives of the first responders! Emergency personnel are directed to enter the structure because the facility owner does not have an accurate accounting method. They could be looking for people that may not even be in the structure. Why put these lives in danger with an inaccurate accounting method. Grimm reminders, including the death of nine Charleston fire fighters, indicate the absolute need for an accurate accountability system. These fire fighters entered the building because the owner thought that people still maybe inside the structure. When the roof supports collapsed, the nine fire fighters died. When the fire was extinguished they only found the bodies of the nine fire fighters. These courageous men gave their lives in service to our community. If the furniture shop had a SafetyNet system, these fire fighters would not have died needlesly and would be with their families today. SafetyNet supports and builds safe communities and facilitates the ground work to combine the collective efforts of all involved to achieve the same objectives in saving lives and property.

SafetyNet also protects against fraud. With respect to the 9-11 attacks on the World Trade Centers, loved ones would have known who actually got out of the building and who did not. The information could have consoled families and also helped to protect the facility owner form fraudulent claims from death benefits. SafetyNet is an additional insurance policy for both the facility and the insurance carrier protecting the structure.

With local and federal governments working with communities and emergency responders, we can incorporate a truly comprehensive and accurate accountability structure for a multitude of applications such as; Manufacturing, Nursing Homes, Schools, Hospitals, Hotels, High Rise Buildings, Navel Ships, Prisons and many more to protect life and property.

Evacuations are conducted for one reason…….to Save Lives! Shouldn’t we have a system in place to accurately and efficiently achieve that important objective?

SafetyNet……..Because Every Life Counts!