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SafetyNet…Because Every Life Counts!

“In the event of an emergency, even the best prepared organizations will need to evacuate...”

SafetyNet is an emergency evacuation, wireless mustering, and control system.

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SafetyNet by Intelligent Safety Solutions™ incorporates groundbreaking technology to bring you an emergency response system that will surpass anything on the market today. In a post 9-11 world, a corporation, school, or government facility housing large numbers of people cannot afford to be unprepared in the event of an emergency. SafetyNet was designed and developed to that end.

Strategically located SafetyNet stations verify that evacuees, as well as visitors, have vacated the facility during an emergency. The system will help to locate missing persons and generate a facility layout detailing their approximate location. For an employer, a bio-sheet can be constructed that will detail a person’s cell phone number, desk number, work location, and any other information that the company feels that would be benificial in this type of an emergency. SafetyNet is also configured to work with first response teams to prioritize victim needs.

To achieve superior performance, SafetyNet is designed to be self-sufficient, not reliant on the facility’s power supply. With redundant backup systems and multiple user interfaces, vital information will be readily accessible during an evacuation, and provide constant updates in a given time schedule. In addition, the SafetyNet server, holding and calculating census data, can be located off site from the protected structure. This design concept prevents the entire SafetyNet system from being damaged by the emergency event. SafetyNet will be operational 24-7.

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